Friday, December 26, 2008

The FIRM WAVE: Rock Solid Buns Review

Christmas Wishes- Blog Them and They Will Come True
Several of my Christmas wishes came true. I received the FIRM WAVE Speed Slimming Workout Deluxe Upgrade from the distributors of the FIRM, GAIAM. Thank you! I really needed the upgrade.

I Started Working Out and My Pants Got Tight
When I started working out, I noticed my pants getting tighter. This has happened in the past as my muscles started developing and my body reshaped. I didn't worry about it. I knew if I kept working out, things would start getting looser. But then I was confronted by the scale at the doctor's office. There was no denying I had gained at least 10 pounds since I started working out! How did it happen? I couldn't figure it out--until I looked at my stash of chocolate chips. Remember how I bought eight bags two weeks ago? Only one and a half bags have survived. I was shocked. How did I eat that many without realizing it?

Tonight, I attacked the new Rock Solid workouts with determination and enthusiasm. I had to burn off those chocolate chips (although my husband caught me with a bowl of granola and chocolate chips 30 minutes before I worked out. I stopped stuffing my face and put them aside for later. I mean, another day.)

Rock Solid Buns with Alison Davis-McClain
I really enjoyed Rock Solid Buns with Alison Davis-McClain. It was a nice combination of footwork, standing exercises, and floor work. It incorporated the WAVE and resistance bands in ways that challenged my balance and my muscles. Alison always throws in challenging variations of the standard exercises, which I like. I have a hard time learning complicated footwork, so simply adding a new level to dips and lunges and squats is great for me.

What I Liked
I've worked out with resistance bands before and I didn't like it. They seemed awkward and ineffective. Not this time. Alison used the bands in exercises that worked. And the slots in the WAVE worked perfectly for anchoring the bands and keeping them in position. And the instability of the WAVE made my whole body work to keep my balance, not just the muscles targeted by the band. I could actually getting into band work using this tool.

The final stretch incorporated yoga stretches that felt great.

What I Didn't Like
The inner thigh burn during the side lunge to the top of the WAVE sequence. Ouch! I've never felt that side lunges did that much for me. Until now. Alison did the lunges unto the top of the WAVE and then made you pull yourself to a standing position on the top of the WAVE. Now that's a side lunge that works!

Again, the camera work wasn't great. And in the close up shots the faces are fuzzy. This is a problem in all the WAVE videos by the FIRM.

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