Sunday, December 7, 2008

Food Allergy Drama and Flat Tires

Yesterday I made a trip to the local food allergy store, Navan Foods. I decided to stock up on foods instead of wasting gas every two weeks. Plus, I wanted to make sure I would never run out of my chocolate fix, Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips. I bought eight bags. But then I moved on to the alternative flour section and realized that most of the flours I was using were processed in the same facility with peanuts and tree nuts. I didn't worry to much about it when I was the only one with a peanut allergy. But now that I have to watch my daughter's food, too. I really need to get rid of the foods that have a potential to be contaminated with nuts. But I have allergies to dairy, nuts, soy, wheat, eggs, and yeast. My options are so limited, it was crushing to realize I was going to have to find a new distributor of alternative flour...and probably special order it. I wanted to cry, but instead, I shoved a few handfuls of allergy-free chocolate chips in my mouth and headed home on the highway.

Then my tire blew out. On the highway. Weirdly, I handled it with complete composure and calm. My internal allergy tears disappeared. I called roadside assistance and the state highway patrol. Even when roadside assistance told me they couldn't change my tire for me because my location was too dangerous, I didn't worry. I did buckle my seat belt while I waited in my parked car, though. If I got hit, I was going to be strapped in a prepared! Eventually, the highway patrol roadside assistance arrived, my tire was changed, and I got home with only half of the chocolate chip bag eaten.