Sunday, December 14, 2008

What I Want for Christmas: More Firm Wave DVDs, a Trench Coat, a Laptop....

My wonderful husband asked me to make a list of things I want for Christmas. Of course, I want the big ticket items, like a new laptop and wireless internet connectivity so I can blog from any room in the house. I could even blog in the same room as him while he plays Halo 3 on his new Xbox 360 I gave him for his birthday. Wouldn't that be romantic?

And I would love to get the Internet on my Treo. Think of all the tweeting and blogging I could do then! And constant connection to Facebook. How great.

And I found a stunning monochromatic, black and white trench coat at The Limited. It looks really cute on me. (Size Medium)

Of course, I would love more workout DVDs for the FIRM WAVE. I'm having fun with the two WAVE workouts I have, but I would also like the WAVE Speed Slimming System Deluxe System with Rock Solid Abs and Rock Solid Buns. The third WAVE workout I would like is Rock Solid Cardio.

I don't know how he's going to find this for me, but about a month ago I dreamed I was on vacation and went to the resort gift shop. I found the most amazing pair of deep blue pinstripe trouser jeans. If he can find my dream jeans, I'll be ecstatic.

Oh, and if it's a tight year, I would love a comfy, soft sweatshirt. I realized yesterday that the last time I bought a sweatshirt was (gulp) 14 years ago!