Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TinkerBell: A great movie with bottom-heavy fairies

My daughter loves the Disney movie, TinkerBell. I'm not generally a huge fan of Disney cartoons because they have creepy villains. Not what I need my imaginative two-year-old watching.

But TinkerBell is different in many ways. The villains are "sprinting thistles" that even a two-year-old finds humorous. The main character is feminine and very handy with a hammer. But I think my favorite thing about it (besides the fact that using it as a reward potty-trained my daughter) is the bottom-heavy fairies. Yes, these fairies have hips! And not perfectly proportioned Barbie-doll hips. They are definite A body shapes--just like me.

If you haven't watched TinkerBell yet, check it out before TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure come out in Fall 2009.