Monday, February 23, 2009

Waking Up with the T-BOW

In early January, I decided to exercise every morning before work. (No, the decision had nothing to do with a New Year's Resolution. I have learned to reject that particular guilt-inducing practice.) It was great--for two weeks--and then I got sick. And then Munchkin got sick. And then I got sick, again. And the cycle repeated itself, over and over. Finally, a month later, I worked out before work.

It's been torture being sick, because I had a new bright orange T-BOW calling to me. "Come on, Holly. You know you want to try me." I did preview the videos. But this morning, I got to workout on the T-BOW.

I chose the Wake Up routine. It was only 16 minutes long. I was pretty confident I could handle that, even after a month without exercising. I whipped through the workout and decided to try a second. Apparently, the routine energized me. But, I chose the next workout which was only 15 minutes and just happened to be stretching and relaxing. And that worked, too. I was relaxed, and sleepy, when I finished it. Note to self: save relaxation workouts for evening.