Friday, March 27, 2009

"Wedgie! Wedgie!" - Why I Purchased Cloth Diapers

The Wedie Issue
Every night, put a pull-up on my almost-three daughter. And every night she screams, "Wedgie! Wedgie!" She yanks at her pull-up and begs us to fix her wedgie. This was pretty first. But the awful pull-ups were keeping her from falling asleep.

In a last-ditch effort to have my daughter asleep before Lost starts, I purchased cloth diapers from CottonBabies. I talked them up all week. "Your new, soft diapers are going to be here soon. No more wedgies!" She was thrilled when the box arrived and she loves choosing which color to wear. She still cries, "Wedgie!" But only once, and it's easily corrected with a tug here or there. I can really focus on the problems in Dharmaville.

Catapulting Poop
Now, I considered that I might have to clean poop from these cloth diapers, and then brushed that thought aside. She never poops at night. Well, she didn't until night two in her comfy-cozy BumgeniusMoonbeam diaper. I had discovered these amazing Archer Farms Fruit Bars at Target. Munchkin loved them as much as I did and seems to have inherited my propensity to consume in bulk any food I enjoy and am not allergic to. Next morning at 5:45 a little voice wakes me from sleep, "I pooped in my diaper." Great. I took her to the bathroom. The diaper came off easily without making a mess. I turned it over to dump it in the toilet and SNAP the poop flew off the diaper and landed with a splat on my bathroom rug. Munchkin screamed, "Too bright!" and turned off the lights...It didn't go very well after that.

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Mommy Bloggers--How Do You Do It?

I have been absent from the blogging world for awhile. At least one member of my family has been sick every other week since Christmas. During that time, I had a short-lived attempt to workout every weekday morning. It failed after two weeks because I was sick. The second attempt failed after 1 or 2 days because my daughter was sick and then I was sick.

On a happier note, I started a Girls Only Game Night to add some much needed fun. Amazingly, I didn't have to cancel any of them due to myself being sick. But just about every time, some one called in sick...with morning sickness.

Tonight, both my husband and my daughter are sick. But they are cozily snuggled up in their beds, so now, I am free to blissfully blog.

All this makes me do mommy bloggers do it?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flirting: 10 Years Later

When I first met the man I married, flirting took the expected forms: a look, a compliment, a gift, or a touch. But things are different 10 years and child later. I thought flirting might be over (at least until she leaves for college).

But it turns out, we still flirt, we've just developed a more sophisticated love language. I'll cook dinner when I want him to know I think he's awesome and horribly handsome. I send him out for extra competitive man time on the volleyball court, or I take out the trash (at the exact moment before it would overflow. Not a moment sooner, not a moment later. That's how he likes it done. Got to save those trash bags!).

He cooks me dinner (most of the time), makes a blazing fire in the fireplace, and puts our daughter to bed so I can relax. Because really, relaxing and unwinding is a huge gift to me. Better than a bouquet of flowers and as good as a Wii.

Has your flirting become more sophisticated over the years?

Friday, March 13, 2009

T-BOW Strength Training Workout

After another go-round with yet another bug, I managed to work out again. Yeah! It feels so great. I chose the T-BOW Strength Training workout because I wanted to compare working out with exercise bands to lifting weights.

Exercise Bands
The T-Bow has three slots on each side of it for securing the bands. The bands slide in easily, and you can increase the tension of the band by looping it through two slots.The bands feel different than free weights as you lift and lower. The difficulty seems to be spread more evenly over the whole range of motion. But, bands tend to get in the way more than free weights. Sometimes they rub on your thighs or ankles or arms...just about anywhere. Then I had to readjust my hand grip and shift my body. It was workable, just a little annoying at times.

The bands were tough and my muscles occasionally got the shakes. It was funny to watch my arm spasm from pulling on a tiny (but powerful) band.

The Workout
The strength training workout works the back and shoulders hard. It incorporates multiple exercises that had my back screaming. Which is good because I'm developing a computer slump. Bring on the back exercises! It also was amazing for ab work. The extra tension of the bands gave me something to focus on. It made it easier to move smoothly through the range of motion rather than jerking and using momentum. Maybe it's all in my head, but it works for me!

The stretch at the end was thorough and relaxing. I liked stretching each muscle group multiple times instead of doing multiple stretches at once.

Short Review
I'll include this strength training workout in my rotation every week or two. The back exercises alone have me hooked.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Worked Out on the T-BOW...and I Liked It!

Swiss TTP sent me a T-BOW to try out. It's a great product. Everything about it says, sturdy, safe. When the dome side is up as a step, it is extremely stable. The outside edges or “feet” are wider than the center, stepping portion, so it doesn't tip, even if you step close to the edge. The top is covered with a sturdy, but soft foam to cushion your feet and give extra grip. I really like that feature.

If you are looking to incorporate an incline into your normal step routine, or if you want an unstable surface to challenge your core, this is the perfect product.

The T-BOW comes with several workouts: cardio, strength-training, stretching, and a back workout. The style of workout is relax with very few pyramiding sequences. It's easy to follow, even when you are half asleep at 5:30 a.m. There's nothing fancy about the video. It appears to be filmed in a workout studio, or maybe the lobby of the studio. That said, the choreography is effective and easy to follow. Just don't expect any 1980's FIRM mansion sets.

The instructor leads the workout in German and English at the same time! I feel like I'm multi-tasking and learning a second language while I exercise. I find myself saying “Fas” and "Bitten miten" for an hour or two later. It makes me smile, but I'm pretty sure it irritates my sleepy husband.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Need to Check My Oat-Mail!

Tonight, I was turning off the computer when Munchkin got upset. "Wait, I need to check my Oat-Mail!"