Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flirting: 10 Years Later

When I first met the man I married, flirting took the expected forms: a look, a compliment, a gift, or a touch. But things are different 10 years and child later. I thought flirting might be over (at least until she leaves for college).

But it turns out, we still flirt, we've just developed a more sophisticated love language. I'll cook dinner when I want him to know I think he's awesome and horribly handsome. I send him out for extra competitive man time on the volleyball court, or I take out the trash (at the exact moment before it would overflow. Not a moment sooner, not a moment later. That's how he likes it done. Got to save those trash bags!).

He cooks me dinner (most of the time), makes a blazing fire in the fireplace, and puts our daughter to bed so I can relax. Because really, relaxing and unwinding is a huge gift to me. Better than a bouquet of flowers and as good as a Wii.

Has your flirting become more sophisticated over the years?