Friday, March 13, 2009

T-BOW Strength Training Workout

After another go-round with yet another bug, I managed to work out again. Yeah! It feels so great. I chose the T-BOW Strength Training workout because I wanted to compare working out with exercise bands to lifting weights.

Exercise Bands
The T-Bow has three slots on each side of it for securing the bands. The bands slide in easily, and you can increase the tension of the band by looping it through two slots.The bands feel different than free weights as you lift and lower. The difficulty seems to be spread more evenly over the whole range of motion. But, bands tend to get in the way more than free weights. Sometimes they rub on your thighs or ankles or arms...just about anywhere. Then I had to readjust my hand grip and shift my body. It was workable, just a little annoying at times.

The bands were tough and my muscles occasionally got the shakes. It was funny to watch my arm spasm from pulling on a tiny (but powerful) band.

The Workout
The strength training workout works the back and shoulders hard. It incorporates multiple exercises that had my back screaming. Which is good because I'm developing a computer slump. Bring on the back exercises! It also was amazing for ab work. The extra tension of the bands gave me something to focus on. It made it easier to move smoothly through the range of motion rather than jerking and using momentum. Maybe it's all in my head, but it works for me!

The stretch at the end was thorough and relaxing. I liked stretching each muscle group multiple times instead of doing multiple stretches at once.

Short Review
I'll include this strength training workout in my rotation every week or two. The back exercises alone have me hooked.