Friday, March 27, 2009

"Wedgie! Wedgie!" - Why I Purchased Cloth Diapers

The Wedie Issue
Every night, put a pull-up on my almost-three daughter. And every night she screams, "Wedgie! Wedgie!" She yanks at her pull-up and begs us to fix her wedgie. This was pretty first. But the awful pull-ups were keeping her from falling asleep.

In a last-ditch effort to have my daughter asleep before Lost starts, I purchased cloth diapers from CottonBabies. I talked them up all week. "Your new, soft diapers are going to be here soon. No more wedgies!" She was thrilled when the box arrived and she loves choosing which color to wear. She still cries, "Wedgie!" But only once, and it's easily corrected with a tug here or there. I can really focus on the problems in Dharmaville.

Catapulting Poop
Now, I considered that I might have to clean poop from these cloth diapers, and then brushed that thought aside. She never poops at night. Well, she didn't until night two in her comfy-cozy BumgeniusMoonbeam diaper. I had discovered these amazing Archer Farms Fruit Bars at Target. Munchkin loved them as much as I did and seems to have inherited my propensity to consume in bulk any food I enjoy and am not allergic to. Next morning at 5:45 a little voice wakes me from sleep, "I pooped in my diaper." Great. I took her to the bathroom. The diaper came off easily without making a mess. I turned it over to dump it in the toilet and SNAP the poop flew off the diaper and landed with a splat on my bathroom rug. Munchkin screamed, "Too bright!" and turned off the lights...It didn't go very well after that.

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